Cecelia Ramsdale
Cecelia Ramsdale
Voice Over Artist, Voice Actor, Podcaster, Voice Coach, Audio & Radio Producer.

Cecelia is a voice actor, voice over artist, a radio show producer and audio producer, a podcast maker, a content creator and voice coach. Basically anything to do with making great audio is her area of enjoyment and expertise!

With many years under her belt working in commercial radio and with the ABC, she has a great understanding of the process and an ear for good content plus the ability and passion to act quickly, and make things happen in the fast paced world of radio.

Cecelia has been lucky to create a career where she’s fulfilled so many roles, and it’s because she embraces the challenges and opportunities that have come her way. She’s always been interested in playing with her voice and seeing what it can do, and as a voice artist has professionally voiced hundreds of radio commercials and dozens of TVCs and corporate video narrations. She’s created many different cartoon character voices over 4 series and created an international voice to narrate multiple series of TV shows shown in France and the Middle East. (Scroll down for demos and more details below)

Cecelia also has over ten years experience making podcasts, playing around with the idea of fake news long before it was popular in a Podcast called ‘Not the news’ with Tony Moclair, making podcasts for careers consultants and producing a podcast with her kids and the cat called ‘How come mum?’. But her work with Nat Kringoudis on ‘The Wellness Collective Podcast’ continuers to gain listeners and attention.

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The Wellness Collective Podcast


Cecelia answered a wanted ad that Nat put out, ‘Wanted, someone to host a new podcast with me!’ They met, it worked and the rest was history!

The Wellness Collective is a podcast for everyone who’s looking for tips on how to live a happier and healthier life.

This is your dose of all things health for women who are keen to understand their bodies, their wellbeing and their hormones on a whole new level. Nat Kringoudis, a best selling author and natural women's health expert and her long time radio host & co-host Cecelia Ramsdale love to go to the topics that nobody talks about and discuss them with leading experts from around the globe to help you feel happier, healthier and better. If you're ready to take charge of your health, these two will lead you on a path of discovery to end the confusion around your big and small health concerns and come up with solutions as to how you can steer your health in the right direction.

Find it here: https://www.podcastoneaustralia.com.au/podcasts/the-wellness-collective

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Voice Over Coaching

Want to do more with your voice? Gain confidence and learn the skill of Voice over, then check out the 'Introduction to Voice Over workshop' run by Cecelia and fellow Voice over artist and Audio Producer Andy Wells, in Melbourne, Australia with 3-4 weekends workshops throughout the year, getting out in front of a microphone and out of your comfort zone! You can also do a 1:1 coaching session via Skype or in studio.

For dates and more info head to:



Podcast Producing

Got and idea for a podcast? Cecelia can help you make your it a reality. Combining her skills and experience in content creation, producing editing and hosting and with competitive rates, it's easier than you think to connect with your audience. Let’s have a meeting about what your idea would take to make it a reality!

'Dudepow', from Moody St Production's 'Shezow' Voiced by Cecelia Ramsdale

'Dudepow', from Moody St Production's 'Shezow' Voiced by Cecelia Ramsdale

Animation & Audio Book Narrations.

Cecelia has always loved the challenge of bringing animated characters to life, from the page to the screen, and she has been lucky enough to do that with dozens of characters raging from mice to cats, fleas to aliens and even girls who turn into male superheros! Working with Moody Street Productions on 'Shezow', 'Sumo Mouse', 'Flea Bitten' and 'Kuku Harjuku'.

In 2019 she’s working on the narration of 3 audio books, and is working on creating more characters for Video game.

Listen to some of these in the audio samples above or watch the showreel here:


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